I’ve been MIA for a while. Actually, I’ve been around, but I’ve been ignoring my blog, which I knew would happen at some point when I started it. I’m not very good at keeping diaries. I used to have an online journal (this was before “blogging”), and I would usually just write a line or two about what I was thinking, or what I’d observed. I enjoyed that. I like being brief, so I might go back to doing things that way. Perhaps, you (who are you anyway, probably one or two of my friends?) will be happy to know that in the time I was gone, I was working on stories, having the flu, watching the Simpsons, eating a lot, scrapping a car, and getting a new car. It’s hard for me to write stories and then come here and write about myself . . . so from now on, I’ll keep it brief. Oh, and Happy Holidays!


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