September 21, 2009

Though I’m sad that summer was a bust, I’m excited that it’s squash season and that the Brussel’s sprouts are looking better. I don’t know if it’s habit or if there is some kind of chemical reaction taking place, but I feel like cooking once September gets going. I always love cooking, but now it’s necessary. I start thinking about squash before bedtime. I think I’m going to roast things.

 To start the season off, here’s something really simple that I just made. If you like mashed potatoes (and if you don’t: who are you?) you’ll like this, trust me, even though it has a scary word in it. Parsnips!

You need:

Two Carrots

Two Potatoes (or three smallish ones)

Two Large Parsnips (If you don’t know what they look like, just go to where the carrots are in the grocery store, and pick up the bag that says “Parsnips”. That’s what I did. They are sweet and crisp. They roast well and they mash well.)

Peel and cut the vegetables up in similar sized pieces.

Throw is salted boiling water. (Don’t actually throw, as you will burn yourself)

Drain when tender, about 10 minutes. Put in a tablespoon of butter. Kosher salt and pepper to taste. Maybe a 1/4 cup of milk (I used soy) if that’s too dry you can add more.

Then, mash with a potato masher. I didn’t use an electric mixer with this like I would have mashed potatoes. You want some kind of texture.

Serve with a little extra butter if you like.